Aims and Goals

The Purpose of the Foundation

Global Disability Foundation (GDF) is both internationally and domestically recognized, and was founded in accordance with UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, United Nations Principles for Older Persons and Turkish Republic Laws on Persons with disability number T.C. 5378 and T.C. 3335, granting a status of an international organization. The aim of the institution is to raise social awareness for disability prevention and inclusive technology for overcoming disabilities. In order to include people with disabilities into society, GDF implemented a number of initiatives: building and environmental standards certification, digital standards certification, e-mobility certification, inclusive tourism/media/insurance/education, medical stores and “GERİATRİC” advanced age life center.

GDF aims to encourage the general public to improve the inclusiveness of people with disabilities and elderly people in the fields of education, health, culture, social activities and sport. Our main mission is to integrate people with disabilities and elderly people into society as active and respected members who are treated fairly. We want to invest, raise awareness and increase the level of education within the disabled and elderly population. It is crucial to enlighten every segment of society when it comes to these issues and spread solidarity. It is important to help them acquire a profession by opening kindergartens, primary schools, vocational and technical schools, high schools, colleges, institutes, academies and universities. Attending those will lead to significant academic achievements. Investments in medical fields, research and technologies will significantly benefit people with disabilities and their treatments. Same goes for investing in hospitals, health centres, dispensaries, rehabilitation centres, nursing and retirement homes for the elders, which are all expected to increase the quality of life. It is necessary to build advanced age living centres and other social facilities for them to live in peaceful environments. Our priority is to meet social needs of those people and make them full members of society. All possible financial and moral assistance should be made available to ensure their social stability.

Initiatives to achieve the purpose of the foundation

The aim of GDF is to coordinate the efforts of governments, local authorities, universities, industry, NGOs and other actors whose responsibility is to deal with concerns of the disabled and elderly people. On behalf and for the benefit of the disabled people, we are presenting the following program starting from Turkey with the objective to introduce it to the rest of the world based on internationally accepted standards.

a) Enhance the spirit of love and brotherhood, battle for the cause of disability and prevent disability.

b) Establish the Global World Disability Foundation ‘’GDF’’ under the status of International Qualified Organizations No 3335, in order to carry out inclusive projects within the foundation.

  1. - GDF Inclusive Design Center
  2. - GDF Inclusive Education
  3. - GDF Inclusive Media
  4. - GDF Inclusive Law Center
  5. - GDF Inclusive Tourism
  6. - GDF Inclusive Insurance
  7. - GDF Advanced Age Life Geriatric Centers
  8. - GDF Inclusive Technologies ‘‘Technical Medical Production, Promotion and Marketing Centers, E-Commerce...’’
  9. - By establishing Accessibility Centers, GDF, provides the accessibilty to the physical living spaces and digital areas.
  10. - GDF Universal Standards of Building and Environmental Certification
  11. - GDF Inclusive Digital Certification
  12. - GDF E-Mobility

c) The Foundation cooperates with all educational institutions, organizations and universities in order to increase the participation rate and quality of the disabled people in education. Establishes an INCLUSIVE BANK OF EDUCATION with the aim of COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATION. Prepares feasibility, country and region reports and publishes these reports in every language by aiming to share the database with the regions in need of the world is to reach the services and helps them to implement practises.

d) The Foundation prepares ‘’Accessible City’’ reports together with the relevant countries by considering country’s own resources while cooperating with the universities, institutions and organizations. Also designs INCLUSIVE HOUSE MODELS, SCHOOLS and CITIES. The foundation organizes, coordinates and proposes the implementation of the strategic and systematic design.

e) The Foundation opens offices, centers, units, branches under the name of ‘Global Inclusive Disability Foundation, GEV’’ together with the countries and the regions in need of the world.

f) The Foundation supports, encourages and organizes research and development works, scientific studies, new inventions and designs. Apart from that organizes competitions and GLOBAL CAMPAIGNS FOR SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS such as GLOBAL INCLUSIVE EDUCATION and CONSPIRATIONALLY FIGHT AGAINST DISABILITY CAMPAIGNS. For this purpose GDF awards worldwide prizes.

g) The foundation cooperates with universities, related institutions and organizations to work under the following headings for the disabled;

Education, Awareness, Medical Care, Rehabilitation, Public Assistance, Equal Access to Target Area of Interest, Accessible Physical Environment and Digital Communication Areas and knowledge.

INCLUSIVE EDUCATION have been recognized and guaranteed by the states as a primary fundamental right in Article 24 of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as well as in Article 42 of Constitution of Republic of Turkey (T.C.) Also included in the 5378 Law on the Disabled in T.C. However, education participation rates of the disabled are in the range of 3-5%.

Priority of the groups with the right to have INCLUSIVE EDUCATION; Disabled Babies, Pre-School Children with Disabilities, Disabled Orphaned Adults, especially Disabled Women are considered as priority. it is aimed to carry out projects such as Service, Employment, Family Life and Social Integrity, Culture, Entertainment, Holiday and Sports, Information and Research, Determining and Planning Policies, Contributions and Suggestions to Legislative Studies, Private Life Support Programs for Disabled People, Economic Programs for Disabled People, Sense of Mission in Business Coordination, Organization Strategies for Disabled, Training of Disabled Personnel, Evaluation and Monitoring of Disabled Programs in the Execution of Standard Decisions, Technical and Economic Cooperation Planning and Visas and Sharing the knowledge with the World.

h) It is aimed to organize and coordinate the relevant institutions and organizations (Associations, Foundations) to be an example for qualified representation, to plan, organize and coordinate National and International Conventions, to establish associations, to provide cooperation for common purpose.

i) The foundation aims to implement Government policies to influence public awareness with regards to elderly and disabled population and their issues by organizing conferences, seminars, panels, periodicals and non-periodicals, TV programs, etc.

In line with other purposes, foundation aims to prepare documentary films, TV and radio programs under the title of Inclusive Media, as well as provide screening and distribution of that content in Turkey and abroad. Additionally, the foundation aims to introduce and publish similar foreign broadcasts and have various kinds of performing arts, theatre, cinema, musical, traditional Turkish plays etc.

In order to carry out with the activities of the foundation and reach to a wider audience, foundation aims to organize domestically and internationally scientific, artistic and cultural events, educative and informative meetings and competitions.

j) In order to strengthen world disabled and elderly community rights and standards, and implement them in the context of state and society, foundation aims to collaborate with relevant institutions and organizations to establish, manage and operate geriatric centres, physical therapy centres, ergotherapy centres, psychotherapy centres, clinical research and diagnosis centres, cultural and sport centres.

k) The foundation aims to develop social, cultural, artistic, sportive, economic, architectural, tourism, scientific, digital areas and participate in existing ones or develop joint projects for disabled and elderly people. Organize domestic and international art days, fairs, festivities, festivals, kermesses, exhibitions, concerts, scientific-religious meetings, cultural meetings, memorials, seminars, symposiums, panels, conferences, courses, educational works, photo exhibitions, slideshows, films, video shows, etc. To conduct studies to disseminate and encourage ideas related to the purpose of the foundation, for this objective establish funds, create and invest in projects.

In order to realize the foundation purposes cooperate with essential official or private, local or international institutions and organizations; provide/receive consultancy services to all kinds of institutions and organizations, natural and legal persons.

To announce the news and developments to the public, publish all kinds of periodicals such as newspapers, books, magazines, brochures, encyclopedias, calendars, postcards and establish translation agencies, publishing houses to cooperate with domestic and international publishing houses.

l) By establishing IT Centers, bring and further develop qualified representation, knowledge, experience, facility and practices existing in the developed part of the world to our country and ensure that information and facilities can also reach the other undeveloped side of the world in a fair way. Establish Universities, Institutes, Academies, Colleges, Secondary schools, Vocational schools, Elementary schools, Rehabilitation Centers, kindergartens to work in the fields of culture, sports, health and education.

m) On providing the contributions of people with disabilities and the elders to society, to strengthen the joy of life, to prepare psychological support, Moral Enlightenment plan and schedules, to establish all kinds of facilities and environments like national and international panels, conferences, movies, periodical or indefinite broadcasts, in accordance with these purposes, social, cultural, educational, to establish, build or help the opening of services by contributing to those being built that health and education centers for health purposes, to open libraries, and to give support to the opened ones,

n) To strengthen, to develop, to promote solidarity, contribution, sharing, perception between groups with disabilities, institutions and organizations,

o) With the aim of running projects, to use national or international loans, grant-weighted social fund and loans, to constitute and run common financial funds and pools, to establish and run facilities or companies, to participate in established facilities and companies, to make any commercial ventures that generate income to the foundation for the purposes above,

p) For the purposes of the foundation, to establish schools, institutes, conservatories museums, shelters for the protection of people with disabilities, to establish local radio and TV, to make internet-mediated broadcasts, to publish newspapers, magazines, books periodically or indefinitely, to build, buy or rent, operate and have them operated that institutions such as necessary dormitory, house, hostel to meet the need of sheltering of the Students with Disabilities and orphan children with disabilities,

To open, to operate crafts, sewing, literacy and skill courses for women with disabilities and to participate in or to support the ones who are opened, to accept the same benefits such as Food, clothing, etc. and personally to identify those in need and to help them, to establish and operate Geriatric Care Centers for elders,

r) Production, development, purchase, sale of Container Technical Medical products, import, export, establishment of companies, the opening of Technical and Medicinal Medical Markets, to make of E-Commerce, establishment of domestic and foreign commercial partnership, import and export of products to be produced, to open new production and sales areas for this purpose, to be a partner or shareholder of those who are established, moral and material support of qualified and high quality product productions, purchase and rent of building, facility, tool, equipment, business and production machines to make the Foundation’s goals possible, to purchase and rent all kinds of hardware equipment,

s) The participation and schooling rate of people with disabilities is 3-4 percent, the Foundation uses all kinds of opportunities with all relevant and authorized institutions, especially Universities, and by collaborating with all kinds of cooperation, it improves this negative situation in favor of the disabled, in addition, to open up training courses for Vocational Rehabilitation in appropriate professions and similar subjects, to prepare the necessary ground provided that vocational education is a priority, to organize events such as conferences, symposiums, panels, discussion, chat, congress, seminar, exhibition, sports, events, memorial day, celebration day, etc. on fine arts, crafts and cultural and traditional products and alternative development and educational methods, to organize cinema, theatre, music festivals, sports tournaments in national and international qualifications, to support all these efforts in moral and material areas, to import and deal in the necessary tools and equipment for the printing of books, magazines, newspapers for the purpose of the Foundation, to establish, operate, rent or rent out the necessary facilities for printing. To broadcast in digital and internet environments to announce and popularize the Foundation works.

t) To organize domestic and international education, sightseeing and promotional tours, provided that it is in line with the aims of the Foundation,to participate in exhibitions, fairs and organizations at home or abroad, to make Advanced Age Tourism, Disability Tourism and Health Tourism in Professional norms under the title of Accessible Inclusive Tourism, to establish agencies, to participate in and collaborate with the established ones, to establish economic enterprises and/or companies and capital partnerships or to participate in the established ones in order to generate income related to the purpose and service issues of the Foundation, to cooperate with National and International organizations, foundations, real and legal persons provided that permission is obtained by the competent authorities, to establish the disabled unity of the world, to be an essential and permanent member, and to be in mutual cooperation.

u) That the Foundation accepts all kinds of domination that are in kind, cash, movable, unmovable for its purposes, to provide income to the Foundation, is to provide for incentive professional services for Incentive and Awareness-oriented institutions, organizations and sectors for incentive.