About Us

Global Disability Foundation “GDF” is a global organization that constitutes cooperation and collaboration with the parties who are concerned with a vision that covers the rights and needs of people with disabilities, and transforms them into quality and sustainable products, systems and services.

  1. 1. Is committed to sustainable and equitable development.
  2. 2.With 40 years of experience and inclusive implementation projects we have developed based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which have been accepted and committed by the states;
  3. ○ Prevention of disabilities
  4. ○ Overcoming Disability,
  5. ○ We are aiming to include the disabled people into the society
  6. 3. It will achieve its objectives and targets for the society and the five disability groups in accordance with the principle of sustainability, by taking into account the public interest through its economic enterprises.
  7. 4. It is structured on institutional basis and will be managed in accordance with professional norms.
  8. 5. It will be a strong and reputable example global organization established by scientists, institutional and professional business people, influential famous people, and in the long term financially independent.
  9. 6. It is supported by the benefactors and the sponsors.
  10. 7. It will be integrated with ECOSOC and similar internationally accreditated organizations.

In the vision of ‘’Inclusive Equitable Life for All’’ we cooperate with all our units and parties to the subject with a team spirit. We respect the rights of all and we treat people the way we want them to treat us. We believe how we work is as important as us. We are committed to achieve our goals and improve consequences.

  1. ● Global Disability Foundation (GDF) is the institutionalization of 40 years of disabled life experience on a global scale with constructive, useful, inclusive and result oriented principles and values.

  2. ● GDF is a global organization constituted for the benefit of the society with the aim of preventing disability over the disability threat and reality based on the 5 disability groups for the people which has not yet been disabled.

  3. ● GDF is a pioneering and exemplary non- governmental organization both with its structure and management system and with rights-based, people-oriented inclusive implementation projects.

  4. ● GDF is based on the Disability Law No: 5378 and the UN Disability Rights Agreement in all its works, services and projects.

  5. ● GDF is an inclusive and global organization constituted for disability prevention, removal of obstacles and inclusion of disabled people.

  6. ● GDF will complete its national and international accreditations in 2020 and will be in full cooperation with experts, institutions and organizations that have an equivalent mission.

  7. ● GDF takes care of the potential power of this large society, which constitutes 15% of the world's population and with relatives, the number reaches to 2 billion people. It adopts all kinds of legal and constructive professional cooperation, being aware of the variety and size of the issues that need to be developed in terms of industry.

  8. ● GDF carries out its corporate structure, management system, corporate relations and sectoral cooperation procedures and principles on the basis of public interest while protecting the individual rights of people and labor in accordance with the principle of quality and sustainability with the revenue partnership model in professional norms.

  9. ● GDF accepts all kinds of legal, financial and moral support, but the purpose of organization is not collecting and distributing aid on behalf of the disabled.